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About TFO:

A proud history of providing innovative fiber-optic solutions
Taiwan Fiber Optics feels privileged to spearhead the mission to improve the quality of life in the present and for generations to come. Our experience built up over more than 20 years enables us to deliver innovative, custom-built devices and components. Our solutions are used to improve our clients’ capabilities in science, industry and particularly healthcare. Leading operators in the fields of medicine, dentistry and surgery know and trust Taiwan Fiber Optics and the products we supply.

Our manufacturing capability gives us an extra edge
As well as being able to invent new products, Taiwan Fiber Optics also has its own facilities to create and deliver the components required. We can take care of the whole process, from raw materials to the finished solution. We have our own fiber draw towers and are also able to carry out fiber fusion, optical glass melting and glass extrusion. This means we can produce bespoke glass material, precision glass components, flexible fiber optics and fused fiber optics. Scientists and instrument makers in various healthcare and scientific fields trust our advanced technology to deliver innovative illumination solutions.

Worldwide solutions to global demand
Several of Taiwan Fiber Optics’ inventions have received patents in countries including the United States, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China. Our innovative technology supports scientists and medical professionals as they strive to overcome major challenges and make the world a better, healthier place.

Patent Registered:
Sept. 2006: 『Multiple Numerical Aperture Fiber Optics Array』
  Taiwan Patent registered No. M296984
Oct. 2006: 『Fused Fiber Array Optics For LED』
  Taiwan Patent registered No. M299860
Nov. 2006: 『Fused Fiber Array Optics For LED』
  Japan Patent registered No. 3127340
Dec. 2006: 『Fused Fiber Array Optics For LED』
  LED 용 융합형 광섬유 어레이 광학 장치
  Korea Patent registered No. 20-0433246
Apr. 2007: 『Multiple Numerical Aperture Fiber Optics Array』
  China Patent registered No. 892591
May 2007: 『Fused Fiber Array Optics For LED』
  China Patent registered No. 903366
Oct. 2007: 『Method of Making Assemblies of Multi-Optical Fiber with Irregular Hexagonal Array. 』
  United states Patent Application No. 11/873,427
Feb. 2008: 『Method of Making Assemblies of Multi-Optical Fiber with Irregular Hexagonal Array. 』
  Japan Patent registered No. 3140301
May 2008: 『Method of Making Assemblies of Multi-Optical Fiber with Irregular Hexagonal Array. 』
  Taiwan Patent registered No. M332854
Nov. 2010: Material und Konstruktion eines Faserimplantatpfostens eines
Sep. 2010: 人工の歯根植体の纎維支柱構造
June. 2011: Artificial tooth root implant materials and structures fiber backbone

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Factory:40241台中市南區樹義里樹義六巷5-3號 5-3, Shuh Yi 6 Lane, Shuh Yi Li Taichung, 40241 Taiwan

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